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Monday, September 19, 2005

Good News

I don't know how I missed this story released at least 2 days ago. It must have been because the news is still all about hurricane Katrina--but how about some good news? We're going back to the moon in 2018!!!

Just Like Grandma's

This morning (just now) for breakfast I had toasted waffles with butter syrup, crispy bacon, pineapple orange juice, and hot tea! It is the most complicated breakfast I have had on a school/work day since I have been at K-State. It was almost what Grandma in Garden used to make for us when we'd stay at her house, or when we'd come over in the morning before school. Except she had turkey bacon and cranberry-raspberry juice... mmmmm-mmm!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Plesant Chunk of Events

We woke up about ten minutes into the KSU game today. They won, but barely. I text messaged Michelle, Lyndo, and Audri, and called mommy to let them all know the game was on. I ended up talking to mommy for a while. She said she was watching the KSU game and making a peach pie from scratch ^_^. It was fun to watch the game, though frustrating at times, and we made eggs and bacon for 1st meal. Afterward we just did stuff, I did homework and Chris played a game, and I fell asleep while I was reading for about an hour. Then we decided to go play frisbee golf, and saw that Shannon and Nicole were back from Whichita, so we asked them if they wanted to go, too. So we did, and that was fun. While we were playing we saw some card catalog drawers that would be perfect for games workshop stuff. So after we got done, we went to get them, but there was no way we could get them in our car, and they were really heavy. So were still working on how to get them. After that we went to eat at Panera! Yea! How fun. When we got home we started to watch Yojimbo, but Chirs fell asleep, so now I'm watching an old SNL. Overall, a very nice day!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

First Game

So we just got back for the first KSU football game vs. Florida International. Final score 35-21 us! We all got very hot! There was hardly any wind and very little shade (like two clouds). But it was fun. It was Ft. Riley day, so part of the chairs that we set up for our hockey fundraiser were filled with soldiers. They were pretty cool. They watched all of the things we did in the student section. We chanted "U S A" to them and that got them all excited. And for our final touchdown a row of them went out and did the pushups with Willie. It was pretty neat. Also in the events of the game, a guy in front of us almost got thrown out of the game for bringing in alcohol, but he wouldn't leave, so when the volunteer guy wen to get a cop, the guy left the other way. And finally, Willie crowd-surfed right by us!. How fun. Now for some food!