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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check it-Post one (see post 2 below)

This is just a picture of me by our blooming tree. It was a bit breeze. This is a VERY little onesie!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check it! Part 2

OK, so I'll do this in two posts....this can be part 2.

This is Chris and I at the baby shower that Tiya threw me at work! It was very fun, a LOT of people came. I got to see a lot of pople I haven't seen in a while from Stone House.

Here is my Tummy at week 35. Tomorrow is week 36! Two weekends ago we went to Newborn Basics class (it was OK, but not a lot of new info. But we finally got a tour of the maternity ward since the H1N1 resrictions were limited) and then went to see Julia and Pickle and Autumn and later Newgen and Andrea.

The weekend BEFORE that was Chris' birthday! Here he is opening his new rice steamer!

And then on that Saturday we had the alumni game, but I didn't get to play on account of the baby in my tummy...