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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oh yes...

Michelle's Blog reminded me. "Finding Neverland", Good Movie.

Ava learns to be a monkey

Here is the monkey video.

This is Steve and Margo at Christmas and two of there three kids. A fourth is in Margo's Tummy. That one was just boorn three of four days ago. It was a boy. We don't know his name yet. Congratulations! Posted by Hello

I don't suppose this will work as a movie... But I'll try anyway. It's Chris after he taught Ava to say "oo oo" like a monkey. Posted by Hello

All of us at Newgens on the 24th or so. Chris is playing....ummm... I can't think of it. The I-Toy game where you are snow boarding, but there's no snow...... oh, you know... Posted by Hello

-1 WS/ -1 BS Possiblity of a handwound. I was attacked by a Pitslave with a cheese slicer attachment for his hand on the 25th. Posted by Hello

This is our eggs. I did a spring day, Chris did Strongbad, and we both did the K-state one... the powecat didn't come out quite right... Posted by Hello

Easter Sunset! It was Chris and my first Easter without other family around. It was very different... We had to do homework, that might have had something to do with it...but we dyed eggs! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And this is the rest of the team. We are only actually missing a few people in this picture. This was at St. Louis during regionals. Posted by Hello

This is Me, Jerry, and Ty. Ty recieved MVP for the year and I was "Most Improved Player"! How exciting. It's so fun playing in tournaments! Posted by Hello

This is my baby niece, Ava. She is my first niece ever. It's great. This is the messiest I ever saw her, she is kept very clean. She is sporting a very "Chris" look in this picture, and that is why I chose it. She'll grow up to be a lot like him, I think. I wish I could see her again soon in real life!  Posted by Hello

See, all my good food to go with Star Trek! Posted by Hello

This is me watching the BEST STAR TREK EVER! I never saw this episode during the time I was obsessed with Star Trek, and consequently don't have it recorded, but I have always remembered watching it with mommy and Daddy, back when the show first aired. I got season 5 from Brenda (Chris' Mom) for Christams (though she gave it to me at Thanksgiving) and I brought it with to Garden over Christmas. I read through all the titles and didn't recognize any of them, and I had watched through all but two episodes, and it wasn't there (or so I thought), but then, there it was! I think the episode is called "The Inner Light". Yea! And for thoes of you that knew my rituals back when I was obsessed with Star Trek, In celebration of this sepcial ocassion, I ate dried, beef ramen and drank cranberry juice and hot tea as I watched it. How happy.  Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

This just in!

The Mystery of the Missing Daddy: SOLVED!
Daddy went to Dillon's to get Ice Cream, but he said it was closed, but it doesn't close, so I don't know what the deal is there. Then he went to get gas instead. All is well.

Someone set me up the Blog!

Hee hee hee..
   I just did a successful Donald Duck sounding voice for the first time EVER! I can't say words with it yet, but we'll work on it.
   Daddy just disappeared. He was driving from Shannon's house to Mine, and he was in front of us, and suddenly, he turned left when we turned right (Oh, it was sudden...) and now we're at home and he is not.
   Poor Chris... missed his Aqua Teen :( because I wanted him to stay at Shannon's longer... He should have told me that's why he wanted to leave, I didn't know...I just didn't know... but it's on again at 2:00 in the morning, so maybe he'll catch it then. Yea!

Let's see...

   At some point I should talk about the things that are the reason I got a blog to begin with... but not right now. Daddy and Michelle got here at 4:00 in the morning today. He made coffee. It's fun waking up to the smell of coffee like at Grandma's in Denver. It's Spring break!!! That's all ^_^.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Captains Blog. Stardate 200503.17.

Nettymus' Blog

The cancellation of a meeting with my Statistics student has allowed for increased Star Trek watching...

It must be spring, because the leaves are falling off of the tree in front of our house. Also, "Batteries Not Included" is on TV. I forgot about that movie. How's that for random? I'll do more later when I learn how to post pictures and such. Thanks for setting this up for me, Shannon.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Coming Soon!

From MusHead Productions: Nettymus, the (photo) Blog!