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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Have to add some stuff

Ok, so in addition to all the stuff I said about gay marriage, here is what I really think should happen. "Marriage" in the government shouldn't exist. Everything governmental should be civil unions or some such thing (I'll just call them unions). Marriage should be religious, and separate. So you get your union when you want to be governmentally and legally bound together, and you get married for the religious part. No tax breaks or anything for anyone who is married, and little or probably none for the unions. Anyone could get unions, it's just a legal joining of two people. Friends could get a union if that though it a good idea. It would basically just be declaring your own legally closet relative (just like your spouse becomes now when you marry them) and attributing all rights and responsibilities to them. People that got married would usually get a Union in addition. Child tax breaks would be given when people have children--people with unions or married-- it doesn't matter; if you have a kid you get a tax break. And to Answer Julia's question about if I was told I couldn't get married because I was Irish, I'd be fine with that, because it would be the government telling me that. I would get "married" in my church and say screw the government. I'd get the civil union to have my rights in regards to Chris, and I'd be happy. I don't really care what the government thinks of my personal life.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Anonymous Post

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I was just going to post this in response to Ambers blog entry for today, but I can't do an anonymous post. I have to say something about this, so I guess I'll do it here.
Marriage= love is only part of it. I was going to vote no on the amendment, then I realized that the only thing homosexual couples would gain is the marriage tax break and other such monetary things (don't stop reading yet). The other benefits they want that go along with being married (Power of attorney, medical rights, etc.) can be gained through other legal actions, and I believe they should be entitled to it. A person should be able to pick the best suited person to be the one in charge of their affairs and decisions if they are not capable of doing so. A person should also be able to choose who they live with, etc. Weather it be friends, family, or significant others of all kinds. Everything except the monetary breaks, as far as I can tell, is available to homosexual couples in ways other than a marriage contract. I am all for homosexual civil unions....
Marriage is a religious thing. Our government uses it basically as a governmental bond, and as a way of record keeping. The money given to married couples is with the assumption that they will rear children. It is to advance our population.
Further, a huge reason that so many states are voting on this now is that judges were ignoring their state's laws and simply saying "the constitution doesn't say they can't get married" and granting them marriage licenses. This was the absolute wrong way to go about changing policies. Not to mention that there are thousands of laws that we follow that are not in constitutions. That doesn't mean they're invalid. So, now states are putting in the constitution so judges can't make that interpretation... I have more thoughts, but I'm not conveying these very well, so I'll just stop for now.

Monday, April 04, 2005

This is a baby alien egg tree in bloom. I thought it was cute. Posted by Hello

This is Chris' cousin Holly's hover craft-pizza-monster for OM. We don't know how her team did, but she probably won. ^_^ Posted by Hello

This tree was hidden behind old Lafene. It was the first tree to bloom. It is very pretty. Posted by Hello