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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


That's right, I went to the movie theatre to see Batman Begins. It is the first Batman movie I have ever seen (except a few pieces of some on TV). It was really good. They explained how everything works in "real life" and I always have liked stuff like that. Chris said that it was the best Batman movie, and he liked the First two, but didn't like the second two (of the first four that were made). I used to watch the TV show back in the day with the "Pow"'s and the "Kerplat"'s during the big fighting scenes (not to say that this is ANYTHING like that show--It's not!). I think I like Batman a lot more without any side kicks, like in this one. Yep, pretty good. I recommend it (even if you don't usually like Batman).

Sunday, June 05, 2005

New Posts

Sorry about the chaos of non-chronological posts. I was so happy that Picassa finally uploaded all of my recent pictures that I just posted them as I saw them ^_^.

This is Aaron and Chris gathering wood, and if you look close, you can see my bubble from fishing in the water! No fish, though. I have never caught a fish on my own. (only on trips with daddy) Posted by Hello

We went burning things last Monday Night ((Memorial Day) and we made braughts. Do you like our cooking sticks that we made? Posted by Hello

From storm chasing today: It's pretty flowers in a fielsd and a reflection of a sonic cup in the window. Artistic, don't you think? Posted by Hello

Mission #99 +100 points for eating at Free State, and it was YUMMY! Posted by Hello

I actually bought this movie with never having watched it, and not really knowing what it is about. Rhonda (mommy) told me about it becuase she had to do a kind of "intake interview" on a family in a movie for a class of hers. So she did it on this dysfunctional family. Aaron and I watched it last night when he came over to help Chris with his internet for lil compy. PBSE: Mission #98 +50 points Posted by Hello
Mission #68: Visit a friend more than 50 miles away. (500pts)
Done, and posted! We visited Neegen on Tuesday of this last week. This is us playing Mario Cart Double Dash. Posted by Hello