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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dun da da daaaaa! (Fanfare of some sort--you can imagine.)

We just got back form playing hockey in Kansas City against a team from Hays (I can't remember their name....hum...). The first game: 7-2 us! First second game tied 4-4. But why the fanfare, you might ask? Because I scored TWO goals the second game! Awesome! It was fun to play and the first game we all played really awesomely. The second game, not as awsome, but still very fun.

Also, I am slowly getting less sick. I played sick, and that was odd feeling, but not too bad. Chris is slowly getting better, too.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Here is the link for the Collegian article.

What is the deal with me being miss quoted?

"Jenette Turpin, graduate student in early childhood education, is one of two women on the K-State roller hockey team. Turpin, who grew up playing roller hockey with her brother, said K-State is one of the only schools in the area that gives women the opportunity to play. "

This is what the article in the Collegian said that I said.... Not only did I never say anything like that in the interview, I e-mailed him my answers to the question, so it's not like he misquoted me. I don't think women aren't allowed to play on teams in Kansas or on the Great Plains leauge teams.... I don't know if they are or not. All I said is that Nicole and I are the only two girls in the leauge right now.... Oh well... I guess it wasn't that bad of a misquote. But somehow they always make me sound so inarticulate...

The guy e-mailed me the questions the day before the article was due, and I sent him the answers about 4 hours before.

Jerry submitted a proposal for a hockey facility to be put in at K-State. Hopefully the publicity will help to get it accepted... couldn't hurt.


A car that has retractable wings.... Possibly available in 2010? Runs on regular unleaded gas (perhaps they should consider ethonal ^_^).... CRAZY! Here is the article.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just so you know...

I turned comment moderation off a while ago, so you can go ahead and comment as you used to. I didn't know what it did when I turned it on.

Here...this picture shows them a bit better. Cool, ne? And the kids like them to wiggle in ^_^.  Posted by Picasa

After the wedding set (shown below), I made these bellydancing hip scarves for my classroom. The bottom 3 are adult sized, the top six are child sized. The don't look as cool in this picture.... perhaps I'll put up a closer picture of some of them... Posted by Picasa

Wonder what I have been doing since a month before Christmas? Well, Form then until about mid January I was doing this. It is a set of play clothes and props for wedding and dress up play that I made for Ava. I think it is pretty cool! Posted by Picasa