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Thursday, June 12, 2008

TORNADO in Manhattan!!!

Its 1:10 am 6/12/08...Tornado went through around 11:30 ish 6/11/08....

Some people still trapped in Houses and cars.  

Miller Ranch--homes leveled South West Manhattan

Amherst Area--little apple Toyota Honda--heavy damage

East KSU campus Moore and Ward Hall--Damage

Personal Report from two different Co-Workers is that Stone House has the south windows knocked out and there are trees and power lines down and toys thrown around.  
College Avenue seems to be OK.  
Jardine still has power out (approximately 1 and a half hours after the tornado).

Reports of heavy damage to North Campus originally.  No specifics.

True Value- leveled (reported by Aaron)

Ace Hardware and Midas-destroyed (News)

Gas leaks and downed power lines.  Cardwell Ward and Bert.  Rathbone Hall's glass ceiling is shattered.  "Wind Erosin Lab" (I don't knwo what this is--gone

Possible Chemical spill in a building.  (Earlier report.  Haven't heard anything recently.)

Poyntz was flooded.

Cars tossed around upside down.

It missed us to the north.  Not sure how far north, but it kept going for a while.  


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