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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mobil blogger

Mobil blogger is letting me down.  You all are my witness, that last post, posted with no problem at all.  Now, it says my carrier isn't supported by blogger....WHAT?  It JUST was.


So now I post, like a chump, with no pictures.

I got to spend the last 3 days with my mommy here in manhapieness!  It was fun.  She should move here.

I have been having very long elaborate dreams recently, but with the collapse of my audio blogger, I am not inclined to spend an hour each day typing out my dreams on my dream blog.  I don't wake up early enough for that.  

Let's  that is most of what I do...  I took Friday off (first day off since I started June 1st (well, June 2nd, but hire date was June 1st) and went to a play that night with mommy and michelle (once upon a mattress--it was entertaining ^_^).  

3 out of 4 of my original professional staff has quit since I first hired them...  I know..  that looks pretty bad for me...  They all had their own reasons, that for the most part had nothing to do with me...but yeah.  So that has been no fun.  The last one quit just last Sunday.  It makes my job nearly impossible when that happens.  My job was very fun for a while, but now...not so much.  I hope it gets back to being fun soon.  

I was reading through my old blog posts, and Grad school was stressful but it was at least exciting and I could finish projects (at my job nothing is ever even close to being done...).  I think I would like to get my doctorate degree if I didn't have to work at the same time.  Not to say this isn't a good job....  but GEEZE...  I like academics.

Now I am at Radina's with Chris and Michelle.  We ate lunch with mommy at panera and then she went home.  Chris is grading tests (he's been grading for like the last week and a half straight pretty much.  Michelle is doing homework.  I don't have homework (^_^)...and I am actually doing a good job about not thinking about work on my weekend attached to my day off despite 3 work related texts and 7 missed calls and a text and a voicemail friday morning...  I have only taken home work once since the first month I worked here.  I am trying to make it not invade my personal life since it SO easily could....So no more work talk...

The Saturday Night Live presidential/vice-presidential debates are funny.  You watch them.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The great-big yelow spider....

This spider was on our fence last week by the woods.  Chris' hand is probably 6 to 12 inches away.  You can better judge his HUGE-ness by comparing him to the link in the chain link fence...Creepy!...  On another note, I just randomly tried posting this picture with my new phone again and it went STRAIGHT here!  I tried like 4 other times and different things happened each time, all NOT leading to a posted picture on my blog.  Yay for pictures!!!