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Friday, July 30, 2010

This one's for you, Mommy! (Part 6)

Cassidy sleeping in a crib! (up to that point she hadn't done much of that. She didn't like it at all! This is around 2 1/2 months)Cassidy trying out her exer-saucer for the first time. She liked it more than I thought she would for having relatively little upper body stability...but she liked hitting her foot on the floor of it.Cassidy's first swim ever in Lake GranburyCassidy making a new sign language sign. This means she is sleepy.Cassidy sitting completely on her own in her rocking chair! Moments after this we showed her a plastic toy butterfly and she started batting at it on purpose!

More to come!
I still want to post about her big day today! How about that for posting pictures on my blog, Mommy? ^_^

This one's for you, Mommy! (Part 5)

A very smiley CassidyCassidy on the ferris wheel at the 4th of July carnival in Wamego. She LOVED the lights!Cassidy watching the fireworksCassidy posing like a GQ modelDouble kick, double punch! A new martial arts move Cassidy made up that day and practiced all day long.

This one's for you, Mommy! (Part 4)

Cassidy wearing her Daddy's hat. ^_^Cassidy psoing with her cousin. They were thrilled about it!Cassidy and Keagan looking at eachother...well...not in this picture...and they didn't really ever look at eachother. It was more like one would look at the other and then they'd switch.We stopped by the side of the road to feed Cassidy on the way back from Great-Grandma in Garden's birthday party. This is one of my favorite memories with Cassidy so far!This is Cassidy rockin' out with her Daddy.

This one's for you , Mommy! (Part 3)

Some more near-eaty-faces... and a sretch (but not the BEST stretch. I still have neevr got a picture or video of the BEST stretch)
A game she played with Chris. She woudl lay on his chest sideways like this and jump. She is 3 or 4 weeks here.

Her first bottle! She is also doing the eaty face here. We started practicing with the bottle so she'd be OK when I went to work.

This one's for you, Mommy! (Part 2)

OK, now I've moved on from "first" to "favorites, interesting things about cassidy, and other pictures I like"

This is Cassidy being COMPLETELY fascinated by her Daddy like she always is and has been! These are two modified "Eaty" faces. She used to make them very distinctly with both hands by her face, palms out, fingers spread.

This is from the set of our first family pictures we took. Its not the best one, but I couldn't tell from the thumbnails which was the best, and I am more concerned with posting SOMETHING than posting the best ^_^. She was exactly 2 weeks old here.

This is her first conversation with her cousin Keagan over skype.

This one's for you, Mommy! (part 1)

I was going to just post about Cassidy and my lovely morning. But my laptop memory is way low so I can't download the pictures from today. So instead I will post a brief history of Cassidy, which would be better done if I had my baby calendar with me to remember the timeline of events, but oh well!
Here are some of Cassidy's firsts (I will not put "first time meeting..." cause that would take forever! Se has me almost everyone in both our families!)
First day being alive! First day meeting us. Also her first thunderstorm and her first tornado watch.
First walk down to the St. George city limit sign and back. This is when we were still trying to get rid of her Jaundice so she was totally in the sun.
First non-hospital related outing (a little over a week old, I believe). We went to Olive Garden (our first time there since it opened), Target, and Walmart.

First hike at the Konza prarie (around 2 weeks old). Don't worry, she had a cover over her head the whole time so she didn't get sunburned. CHris carried her in the front-pack the whole way.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

on a walk at city park :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 04, 2010

watching fireworks with chris and Cassidy and michelle and daddy. The rain stopped just in time!

Saturday, July 03, 2010