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Saturday, May 28, 2005


I have news about my future! Though I STILL have not been admitted into the Grad School (because one of my professors won't send his letter of recommendation), I was offered a Graduate Teaching Position!

"We have made some tentative decisions aboutplacements. We'd like you to work with the infant-toddler full-dayprogram under the direction of Anna Nippert. You will work 20 hours perweek"

So that means I get to watch and teach babies and toddlers for half a day every day next semester!

Movies Movies Movies!

I went to see Star Wars 3 again today. It was, as it was the first time I saw it, awesomely awesome. Then when we got home we made supper and watched "What The Bleep Do We Know" which we rented yesterday.... I don't know what Chris thought about it. It wasn't really a "movie", but it had movie elements from time to time. It had a lady that they followed through the movie. The first half of it was very fun. It was all about Quantum physics in general. The second part focused much more on the brain and how your thoughts affect your body, which could have been interesting, but the "experts" weren't very experty--one lady in particular. Then I watch the 10th anniversary special edition of Pretty Woman that I bought yesterday from Digital Shelf. It has new scenes in it--quite a few actually-- which was odd since I've watched this movie so many times before. They were interesting to see. We also bought "Finding Neverland" (used, of course, since that's all they have at Digital Shelf), but I haven't watched it again yet. That is also a great movie. Yea movies!

Monday, May 23, 2005

^_^ Posted by Hello

I forgot about this picture too. A this kid challenged Darth Vader, and kicked the crap ou tof him. (The kid actually kind of hurt the guy... But that's what Vader gets for being evil.) Posted by Hello

Oh yes, I supose this is significant ^_^. Last weekend Chris, Rhonda, Maria (not in picture) and I graduated. Chris got a B.A. in English, I got a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in English, Maria Graduated from High School, and Rhonda Graduated with a Masters of Social Work. Go Us! ^_^  Posted by Hello

Ah yes. I forgot to post this when I got back from Garden City. This is a picture form the Star Trek: TNG Super Nintendo game. That's Riker in the top left shooting a phaser. This is just one part of it. Another big part is on the bridge of the enterprise in a first person view. Quite fun ^_^. Posted by Hello

Michelle wanted to take pictures of me in my bellydancing costume, so here is one. I am proud of it (the costume)! I made the black skirt and the shirt and bought the other two parts. It's a pose from the middle of a choreography, so that is why it looks so odd. Posted by Hello

And this is what I have been seeing for the last five and a half hours (or rather hearing, since I have been on the computer). They (Chris and Aaron) are playing "Lego Star Wars". It's actually quite funny to watch at times. They have a pregnant lego Padme and baby lego Luke and Leia (baby Leia had her trademark "buns"). Very cute ^_^. Posted by Hello

Yesterday we went to Wichita to watch the Koyotes v.s. Wichita Aviators. We went to Macaroni Grill before the game and it was gooooood! Koyotes won by a lot, because that's what they do. Then we went to Sheridan's (in the picture) which is a frozen custard place that Jayme (Nicole's sister) works at. It was fun (and tasty)!
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Hangin out in Aggieville on a Friday night... Cause we are so freakin cool. This is Shannon and Chris "poaching" (or kifing or borrowing) Java's wireless internet on Friday night around 11:30. Java and Radina's both now have their retarded summer hours, which means we won't be ging as much as we would be if they'd kept their normal hours. So Chris and Shannon improvised. And I took pictures. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Update on Wookie[e]

The Star Wars web site had 2 hits for "Wookie" and 20+ pages of hits for "Wookiee".... So it must be two e's...

Who I am in "Revenge..."

OK, I did the survey, and then didn't copy it before I closed it, so I'll just tell you who it said I am. I'm Yoda! Cool, huh? Probably because I agreed entirely with "I'm kinda short" and "WOOKIE WOOKIE WOOKIE" questions. Second was Padme tied with General Grevious (sp?) and one more was tied for third, but I can't remember which one.
   Speaking of Wookie's There is apparently a discrepancy between the spelling of Wookie[e]... any thoughts? We've seen it both ways in "official" places.... Maybe its like fiance and fiancee. Female and not female.... but that doesn't make much since. Hmmmm...

This is a sidewalk chalk drawing of C-3PO that someone did on the sidewalk of the movie theatre. Pretty good! Posted by Hello

As requested by Shannon, here is the picture of the end of the line from Star Wars Episode 3. It goes past the end of the building. And it was only 11:00 (or even a little before). Posted by Hello

This is us at Episode 3 (before it started). (Shannon, Nicole, Lance, Aaron, Amber, Chris, Ryan, Steffanie, Daven, Katie, Baker, and Barker's 'girl') Shannon is eating a piece of "fun". About the movie, all I'll say for now is that its the saddest love story ever. And that I really liked it. A lot! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is a rather dorky picture of me before I went to the interview (apparently that is what I look like when I am nervous and trying to smile for a picture). And that, in the bottom left corner, is Chris' finger. Posted by Hello

For thoes of you who haven't heard yet...

The interview for the Early Childhood Education Graduate Assistantship went great. It was a group of 9 people interviewing me, that was a little nerve-racking, but it was at a table, which is SO much better than just sitting in a conversational setting. So the head lady, Mary Delucci, really liked me (we've been communication through e-mail for a while now, and she said she was excited to finally meet me, and she felt like she already knew me). She walked me to the front door of the building and told me that she liked my "energy" and was pretty sure that I would get a position. But I won't know for sure for a week. I also don't know for sure yet that I have been accepted to grad. school! The great news about that, though, is that I'm pretty sure that Mary Delucci (same woman from above) is one of the people on the acceptance committee, so if she wants to give me a job already, she must want me in the school. But I won't know that for at least another week, too. So, now I wait. ^_^

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So, I posted the pictures chronologically from most recent to least, top to bottom..... but then I captioned them from bottom to top.... So, sorry about that!

Captain's Blog: Stardate 200505.10

So, I'm done watching every Star Trek: TNG ever! I love that show! I should know in a week or so if I got into Early Childhood Education Grad. School. Tomorrow at 3:30 I have an interview for an assistantship for grad school. And below, posted mainly chronologically from top to bottom is a quick overview of the past month. Enjoy! ^_^

And then we watched it! It was great! (this is the menu for the last episode-- "All good things..." Posted by Hello

So then Monday night I got all ready to watch the LAST episode of Star Trek: TNG. I made my traditional Star Trek food and Drink: Lipton tea, Cranberry juice, and dry beef ramen. Posted by Hello

So, skip a few days, or weeks, while I was working on Grad School applications and Job applications and finals and final projects.... Then on Saturday after we went to the Pirate's last Parade at Jardine, Marcado, Humble Abode, Shakes, and much later Applebee's, then I decided to paint some models (much to everyone's surprise), so here they are! Posted by Hello

Star Trek Season Seven!!!!!!!!!! The collection is complete! Posted by Hello

Then I opened presents... I got a Star Trek game and......... Posted by Hello

...and we Steak 'n Shake'd... Posted by Hello

...and we Koyote'd (with the addition of Lance and after a while, Newgen).... Posted by Hello

....and we (Chris, Shannon, Nicole, and Aaron) Red Lobster'd.... Posted by Hello

So then it was my birthday, and we Japanese festival'd... Posted by Hello

A few days before we left for the wedding, it was Shannon't Birthday. This was his angelfood cake. Posted by Hello

This is a cool thing that was on our wall one day (it's from a CD). Posted by Hello

So, I'm a little bloghind, so I'll catch you up in reverse order so that the newest stuff gets posted at the top. I'll put this message at the end too. This is Tara and Dan and Grandma (Fuller). Chris and I went to their wedding (well Tara and Dan's, not Grandma's). It was in Colorado Srpings. Mid- April.. (I can't remeber the date already!) Posted by Hello