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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The pictures that wouldn't post (see below)

Disc golf before school started (the day before, in fact... we also ate at panera and went to radina's)

Big mushrooms! as big or bigger than my hand. I saw it on the way home last thursday.

Next to my foot

My blanket for Travis

Stuff and more stuff. (this is the third of 3 new posts, check them out too!)

I was going to upload a picture of gignatic mushrooms I saw on the way home from applebee's last Thursday. I was also going to post a picture of a blanket I made for my one-month-old nephew, Travis. But bloggar won't post my pictures anymore....I don't know why. Anyway....

I have to conduct an interview with Laura either tomorrow or Wednesday! I have never done that before and neither has Laura. Aparently we get more controll of our room this semster than we ever have had. I think it is pretty fun! But it is a lot of work that I'm not getting paid any more for. (well, I'll get paid for more time, but not nay more $$ than I was). There is no news on if I'll get the lead teaching job or not. I'll just apply like normal and find out sometime next semester.

My classes are going to keep me very busy! Lots of reading and lots of big projects! I think it is very good that I decided to take an extra semester. There is too much to do in two semesters! But I think I'll get a lot of my thesis done this semester. I just wish I could have next summer off! (but if I want the lead teaching job, I probably can't request off, especially when Laura and I are basically in charge. Lame!

Pirate weekend at the renaissance festival. I get to go with shan and cole and chris and mommy and michelle (and is aaron going?). Yay! I mean, Arrg!


We went to Ryan and Steffanie's wedding part on Sunday 27. They were married in Hawaii on the 12th and then had another family ceremony on the 27th before everyone else came.

They had a vieo of there wedding in Hawaii (Maui). This is a picture of the video, and Ryan and Stef are sitting down in the right of the picture.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mmmmmm, Quiche!

Saturday morning (late Saturday morning) I work up in bed (yay waking NOT to an alarm!) and thought "Quiche" and so I got up and looked for a recipe. Finding none satisfactory, I made up my own (loosly based on one I found). It was AWESOME! I made them in a muffin pan. If you would like to know the recipe, here it is:

2 cans (8oz each) crescent rolls
1/3 lb. sausage (more or less)
1/8 c. red onion
2-3 pc bacon (cooked and torn into little pieces)
4 pc bacon cooked (for top)
5 eggs
3/4 c. sharp cheddar
1/4 cup milk
parsley (just a bit)
salt (not much)

Cook sausage, 2 pc chopped bacon, and onions together. Cook it well. Cook 4 pc bacon and leave big. Combine egg, milk, cheese, salt, pepper, and parsley. Mix in sausage/bacon Unroll cresant rolls (uncooked) and out the biggest part on the bottom of the muffin tin (ungreased, no muffin cup) so that the entire bottom and the first part of the sides are covered. Rip remaining and overflowing cresant roll and fill in sides. Press together firmly so that they don't leak. You will probably need more than one roll per muffin hole. You will have approxamately 2 left at the end. Fill each with mixture until almost full. Add broken up large pieces of bacon to top. Cook in preheat oven at 375 for 15-20 minutes. Check frequently and cook until mixture is cooked in middle (until no raw egg is visible).

We also had orange juice and lattes. Mmm!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


This tree was in front of Justin Hall and was completely broken the day after a huge thunderstorm hit. (There was also a false tornado alarm that night, and that day, a kid in another clasroom pulled he fire alarm!)

We don't know if the tree just blew down or got hit by lightening, but it was huge and very much alive until that nigh. It didn't look like it was rotting.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


You can't tell but they arepainting on the "Bill Snyder Family Stadium" on the stadium. I think they are in the middle of "Snyder".

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mommy is Famous!

I found this while searching for people's names that I know on goggle.

Ok, the picute won't load, so just go to the site.

If you really don't want to, It is a page for Newman university. There is a box on the page to the side that has a quote from mommy!

It says:
"I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Newman University for bringing the master of social work program to southwest Kansas. It helped to address the need of higher education in rural Kansas. Professors being willing to come out and teach classes in person greatly enhanced the quality of the learning experience."

- Rhonda Goodloe, MSW student

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006