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Monday, February 25, 2008

New house!

We have a house!!!! The inspection went well. No real problems. Missing shingles, a little floor sagging (the inspector said it's not a's to be expected in an older house), and that is really it. Oh, the retaining walls outside are cracking, but we knew we needed to fix them from the first time we saw the house, so we were already planning on that. So, there is still a radon inspection and a termite inspection, and as long as those go OK, then we just wait for the loan to go through, and closing will be either on March 19th or March 14th (we hope). Yay!

Anyone who wants to come hang out with us over spring break and help us move (or just hang out if you don't want to help move) come on down!

It is technically in St. George (between Manhattan and Wamego just off of (to the south of) Highway 24)

See pictures here!

1941 square feet
2.1 acres of land
3 conforming bedrooms, 1 NC
2 baths
Living room, dining room, family room (in basement)
Finished basemet plus two stories.

Its awesome!


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