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Friday, April 28, 2006

Present, glitter and a challenge

Correction to this post! I forgot that I had alread considered what Newgen's comment pointed out. The phrase is supposed to be "a pickle and jogging" (emphasize the "a" and lowercase "p").

I was going to post a picture of my second birthday present, but I can't find the camera... Oh wait. I may have just remembered that it might be in the car...hummm... Anyway, I'll just tell you what I got form Chris: a sewing machine! I have wanted one for years, but keep forgetting about it!. Now I can sew things and fix things and make costumes. It'll be awesome!

I did a really cool creative thing with glitter today and was going to post a picture of it, but, again, the whole camera thing. So, later perhaps.

For now, a challenge:
I have always hated when people say"they are like apples and oranges" when they mean they are completely different. Apples and oranges aren't' that different. They are both fruit, approximately the same size, round-ish, etc. So, I thought of an alternative: "pickle and running". The challenge is to use that phrase, as it is, not using punctuation in it, to make a grammatically correct sentence.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

This is a picture from M@d! the play that Michelle and Shannon wrote and Michelle directed and starred in. She's the one in the glasses. It was great! It was so fun to watch. Saturday night was definitely the best night, and there were 150 people there! This happened last weekend. (Also our friend from church, Patrick Barb was in it. His scene was one of my my favorites! Posted by Picasa

It's my first birthday present! I got it last night. What is it you ask? A Flavor Belt made by hand by Chris! It is little vials of things like muffin mix, salt, steak seasoning, white cheddar popcorn seasoning, etc. :D It's just a prototype for now, but it is totally useable. I used it last night! Completely portable and oh so flavorful! It is the most nette-tacular present EVER! (For thoes of you who don't know, I eat stuff like that plain ALL the time, so Chris made it for me in a convienant travel-along bandolier!). For any chefs or seasoning connoisseurs, Flavor Belt 1.01 will be available for sale soon!
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ta Da!

I'm now community CPR/first aid certified! Yes! Now I can help my babies if they need it! That makes me feel better. It took two hours less than it was scheduled for, too, so that was nice.

Friday, April 07, 2006

A Bad Breakup

Family connections is the organization that partners Early Head Start with childcare centers. The center that I work with and Early Head Start recently "went our separate ways". Since we were contracted by Family Connections, that is where our money came from. When we discussed not renewing our contract, they assured us that we could keep everything that we bought with money they gave us for our program (it was payment for us taking care of their system's children).
This morning we got a call from the head of Family Connections and she wanted their digital camera back and one other thing. What was that other thing? The expensive tricycles? The loft? The tables? The four cribs? Oh no. What did they want back? Their 4-inch three ring binders that we keep the kids portfolio information in....
And people wonder why we wanted to end our contract.


We figured out the problem with the dream blog, and found the missing post: it was on Chris' blog. So, It's back on the dream blog, where it belongs. I haven't done a second one yet, but I will soon.

In further news, I am going to start my thesis soon, but I need some ideas of what to do. I could do anything I want, or I could do it on research that is already being done by the professors here. If I pick my own, I have to figure it out in the next two weeks so that I can apply for a scholarship so I can have money to do it. So what should I do? I can basically do anything on babies/toddlers/preschool kids, parents, teachers, curriculum, anything. It needs to be a very specific research question. Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I set up (well, husbandito set up for me) my mobil blog. Awesome!

Dream Blog

So, I made a blog and set up audio blogger so that I could have a dream blog. I blogged my dream this morning, and it never showed up! How discouraging! If it ever works, you can check out my dream blog here!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This is TJ and Audri (Audri is Chris' sister). It's the best pict I have of them from the trip.  Posted by Picasa

The coat, as you may have guessed, was a present from Brenda. She really did get to steer this golf cart for a little while. Posted by Picasa

Me chillin wit my homie, Ava Posted by Picasa

Chirs and our niece, Ava! Posted by Picasa


Ok, I need some help. So, I'm going to write a grant proposal to Target for money for Stone House to use to make literacy bags. I was not familiar with the concept of literacy bags until my teacher, Carrie Ficke, asked us to write what we would put in one during class, and none of us (early childhood grad students) had hear of them. What they are is a bag with a book and a few different activities, toys, recipes, songs etc. that go along with the book. Teachers can use them, but mostly, parents can check them out to take home for their kids to use. I'm planning to make a bunch of them. Some for infants/toddlers 0-3, and some for preschoolers 3-5.
So, can you guys think of awesome books from your childhood? I need some great ones... and if you have ideas for things to go with them, that would be cool, too.